Iceland Volcano Hiking

There are a lot of concerns that come along with hiking to an active volcano.  For example, gas levels, gear, routes, etc.  Therefore, hiring a guide to safely get you to/from is important!


Volcano Weddings in Iceland

Imagine being one of the few in the world that can say they were married in front of a volcano erupting in Iceland!  Maybe you hike there on your own two feet, jump into a super jeep or you splurge on a helicopter!

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Iceland Erupting!

Iceland Erupting is a brand owned by Icelander Davíð Geir Jónasson and American Ann Peters.  The married pair thrive on adventure, unique experiences, traveling, ice climbing, and crafting life changing moments for people worldwide, but in their home of Iceland primarily.

Davíð owns Vik Expeditions.  He brings decades of experience in mountaineering, is part of the Icelandic SAR Team, often does real special effects for movies, and is deep into tourism guiding / hiking / climbing / driving super jeeps on all terrains across all 7 continents.  Some might say a true jack of all trades!

Ann is a seasoned entrepreneur who owns Iceland Wedding Planner and Your Adventure Wedding.  Her background is in Logistics Management which comes in handy while planning and photographing experience driven weddings and elopements across this wild world.

Together, they desire to bring you closer to the pure untouched sides of Iceland.  So when the next eruption happens in Iceland, they'll be ready to create an unforgettable moment in time for you!